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THE WHITE MAZE - Last Preparations

It´s one week to go for Matthias „Hauni“ Haunholder and Matthias Mayr for  departure to North Eastern Siberia to first descent the „GORA POBEDA“ , the highest Peak of Eastern Siberia.

During their scouting trip in january they had to find out that the next Heli Base is more than 1300km away from the mountain range.

In case of an emergency there is nobody there to rescue them.

Beside that, to get into the mountains is an almost impossible challenge. The adventurers hope for the help of the nomades and their reindeers to transport the equipment as close as possible to the  place for the planned base camp up on the glaciers at an altitude of 2500m.

That´s why they decided to train back home on Kitzsteinhorn to be prepared.

Rescueing themselves or their collegues in case of an injury or after falling into a crevasse.

After  two days training mission high up at Kitzsteinhorn area the Team feels ready for Siberia.

Temperatures below -30C during the night, a long way to the mountain range, bears and melting rivers on their way back end of may to name just a few of the challenges that will await them...


From October on the documentary movie „THE WHITE MAZE“ will be released in Cinemas and Festivals.


More infos and pictures to the project here: THE WHITE MAZE - filming started up

April 2016

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