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These elastic crampons feature a stainless-steel chain on the sole and a
special, horseshoe-shaped, 14-point plate, made entirely of noble heat
treated steel, providing an ecient grip. Simply put them over your
footwear and tighten them with a strap. The crampons are both discreet
and comfortable. Storing is easy thanks to a convenient carrying case,
equipped with a karabiner and a belt attachment. MOUNT TRACK
crampons are designed for use on snowy and icy terrain by more
demanding hikers and mountaineers.

Teeth length from 13 to 16 mm

Art. 926531 MOUNT TRACK, crampon red M

Art. 926532 MOUNT TRACK, crampon red L

Art. 926533 MOUNT TRACK, crampon red XL


Art.926534 MOUNT TRACK, crampono range M

Art. 926525 MOUNT TRACK, crampon orange L

Art. 926536 MOUNT TRACK, crampon orange XL


Weight: 534 gramms

These crampons are not suitable for extreme mountaineering!

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