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Kamil Gabarski

Nickname: Kilimanjaro ;)
Born: 1984 in Wroclaw (Poland)

Music: Phil Collins, Genesis, Frank Sinatra, U2, M.Jackson, Linkin Park

Movie: Seven Years in Tibet, Braveheart, Alexander, Legends of the Fall, eXtreme Sport Films

Owner of eXcite company, which specializes in extreme sports, team building trainings, events and expeditions. Graduated Physical Education in Wroclaw (sport Academy).

He goes in for every kind of climbing but he prefers ice climbing and alpine climbing in high mountain. In age of 15 he has succeeded in reaching alone his first 4000 m summit. Later he became the youngest polish climber of 7000 m summit: Pik Korzeniewskiej (Kul-Santalak, 7104 m).

Organizer of many expeditions to mountains in Africa, Europe and Asia. In september 2007 he was the youngest polish manager of an expedition to 8000 summit: Cho Oyu 8201 m.
In 2009 he climbed the French route on Alpamayo.

In polish media he is promoted by ,,Men's Health'' (most popular mens magazine in Europe), ,,Magazyn Gorski'' (Mountain Magazine - most popular mountain magazine in Poland), ,,'' (polish internet climbing site) and Radio ,,Ram''.


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