Interview Alexander Schulz

Interview with our athlete Alexander Schulz

1. How did you become so passionate about slacklining?
I first tried slacklining 13 years ago because I got one as a present. It immediately hooked me, because I like the feeling of overcoming myself. It is a big challenge, as you do fall a lot and it is hard to keep believing in your own abilities. After two years of slacklining just on a short and low one, I bought a longer slackline, also put my lines up higher and emerged myself fully in the world of slacklining.

2. What do you think of when you are so high up?
Sometimes, I still feel tense during the first steps. Then I try to be there in the moment and imagine the movements/reactions I have to make in order to stay in control. It’s just after a full crossing and maybe a fall into my security rope that I can fully relax. Once that happens, I either think of what trick I want to do next, or consciously enjoy the moment out there, feeling free as a bird.

3. Is there a specific training you follow?

I try to eat healthy. I do train spefically for world records and projects on slacklines that are heavy and hard to control. I generally keep myself fit with other sports: Road cycling for endurance, climbing for full body strength and Yoga for awareness of my body and most important my mind, as the mental aspect is the deciding factor in slacklining. You have to be able to calm yourself down.

4. What do you tell yourself right before taking the first step on the slackline?

Breathe. Relax. You can do it!

5. What has been your biggest accomplishment?

The hardest slackline that I sent has been the urban highline world record in Mexico City, stretching 220m across Via Reforma. Besides physical challenges (I could hardly see the white slackline in front of the grey background of Torre Reforma and an altitude of 240 meters over ground also made orientation difficult) it mostly was the pressure from hundreds of a big publicity with lots of cameras and a helicopter broadcasting everything LIVE, that made me fall again and again. It was just after I told myself that it’s OK to fail, that I could use my full potential and make it all the way across in one go.

6. What has been your favorite location to slackline from?

The most exciting location I have ever slacklined at has been next to an active vulcano in Vanuatu. Vanuatu is a south pacific archipelago. I saw the lava shooting in the air just 100 meters next to me and felt of the explosions - sometimes the shock waves even threw me off the line. You can see & read more about this unique experience on our webpage

7. Would you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie?

No. I do feel adrenaline sometimes, but I can only enjoy it when my logic tells me that I’m objectively save. What I like most are the moments of inner peace & calmness that occur when I get in the „zen zone“. Walking over a really long slackline is like a meditation for me.

8. What’s your next challenge? How do you choose them?
My team One Inch Dreams and I have many ideas. Generally, we look at beautiful places in the world that call out for a connection. For example, I would love to do a really long line on the Three Peaks. Or run a highline over the Canyon de Sumidero in Chiapas, which is also called the Grand Canyon of Mexico.

9. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Mahatma Ghandi. I can still learn a lot from his way of life and wisdom.

10. How would you describe yourself in one word?





Pics by: @Johannes-Olszewski

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