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Highlining in China

In early may Alex Schulz went once more to China. Together with 15 other professional slackliners from around the world, he was invited to a 2-week Highline Event in National Park Shenxianju in the southeast located Zhejiang Province, which took place for the third time.
Once arriving after 24 hours of travel at this stunning place, the last highlines had to be rigged. The planned 900-meter long highline to the "Monk tower” had unfortunately been omitted due to the spiritual concerns of a government official. Nevertheless no one was bored thanks to the variety of spanned highlines. Alex made the first ascent of a 222 meter long highline in his second trial, which could not be walked in the year before.
The highlight of the event was the Speedline Contest, which was held on 2 parallel tense, 50-meter long highlines. 16 athletes competed in knockout system against each other. Alex reached after Nathan Paulin (FR) and Danny Mensik (CZ) third place. Afterwards, the three champions popped champagne corks in the chinese national TV.

Finally Alex drilled a 344 meter long highline, which is reachable only by rappelling, and is already looking forward quite a lot because of its' crazy exposedness & beauty.

Pics: Copyright Spencer Seabroke and OneInch Dreams

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