Neuer Slackline Weltrekord

New slackline worldrecord: 650 meters long on Nylon (mainline and backup), over 200 meters high!

In October Alexander Schulz had more luck with the weather as last time in September with the crazy storm: There was still a breeze blowing but nevertheless on his first try he walked it!
The spot for this highline was the rock formation "Roches Tuillière and Sanadoire" in Auvergne, close to Volvic. The first time they went to this place near the Volvic source, wind speeds of up to 125 km/h made a send impossible. But they came back and just about two weeks ago Alex managed to walk this beauty. The first send took him about 45 minutes; the other two only 30 minutes.

Congratulations Alex, incredible to see the fast progress in slacklining! The first slacklines tensioned in the Yosemite National Park where Nylon lines and now we put the whole thing on another level.

Line Facts:

650m long
200m high
Webbing: Elephant Slacklines Passion (68 g/m)
Backup: 9 mm half static rope (50 g/m)
Pre tension: 3,5 kN
Standing tension: 4 kN

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